Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Maori Signs and Symbols

Hi today I will be explaing what my symbols that I have drawn represent. 

The first symbol I will be explaing to you are the flags (the ones in the top left corner). The first flag represents tonga which represents a part of me because I am part tongan. The second is a Maori flag which represents one of the few ethnicities that I represent very proudly. These are two of my main ethnicities that I will always have in my bloodline. I am proud to call myself maori and tongan and I hope you have just as much pride for your ethnicities as I do.

The second symbol I have chosen to draw today is a family because it represents my siblings, parents etc. Of course I love my family and that is why have chosen to draw the outline of a family.

The third drawing I have chosen to do  is a peace sign and the yin and yang symbol. To me these symbols represent respecting each others differences and treating each other equally. The yin yang represents the ups and downs that I may go through but to always focus on the positive.

Last but not least I drew a heart to represent the love that I have for my friends and family. It also represents kindness and generosity that people have showed towards me and others.

Friday, 3 November 2017


Hi today I will be telling you about what we did during technology. we were talking about 2D and 3D, sketching and drawing and a lot of stuff to do with history and we even learnt how to write the whole alphabets letters by using a vertical rectangle. we learnt how to make 3D letters and how to draw our name with those 3D letters. we learnt names for shapes and the name they use for shapes that have more than 10 sides. For some people that don't know what polygon is it comes from Greek and poly means ''many'' and gon means ''angles''. A shape can only be a polygon if the sides are straight
and not curved for example.

Halloween task

Hi today I will be blogging about halloween. Halloween is a celebration that country's all around the world celebrate including New Zealand. What people do is they dress up in a costume, go walking around neighbourhoods, knock on the door and say trick or treat. Then the person at the door usually gives the children candy to eat when they are done going trick or treating. f you would like to learn more about halloween read this DLO with more information.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

How to make Yogurt

Hi today I will be explaing step by step how to make yogurt with a easiyo yogurt maker equipment. If you haven't made yogurt with a easiyo machine before then this will be very useful for you today. Sadly after you do all these steps you will have to wait until the upcoming day for it to set but when it sets it is definitely delicious and can serve quite a lot of people. I hope this information helps you today and have a wonderful day.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Technology Reflection

Hi today in technology we are finishing our comparisons and models. when we are finished we will be doing our final design drawings. I am still finishing off my work but I am hoping I get to finish a clock by the end of the term. Not only me but also Lizzy will be doing matching clocks and those matching clocks will be a compass. I can't wait for next week to see what the next step is to making our clocks. I will be posting more about our clocks next week so stay tuned. Have a great evening.

Hei tama, tu tama

HI today I will be explaing to you how to play the game Hei tama, tu tama. Hei tama, tu tama is a new zealand indigenous game and this is how you play:
Actions: 1. Hands on hips
2.Both hands up, hands clenched
3. Left hand up, right hand on hip.
4.Right hand up, left hand on hip
Hei tama tū tama
Kupu/Words: Hei tama, tu tama! Tama ra!
1.Stand facing each other with hands on hips.
2. player one says, ''Hei tama, tu tama''(and choose on action)
3.Player 2 says, ''Hei tama, tu tama.'' (choose a different action). You are now ready to start.
4.Both players say.''Hei tama, tu tama''.(while changing actions at the sametime.
5.The winner is the first to notice if players are doing the same moves. And to win you have to say ''Hei tama, tu tama ra'' when you see that yous both are doing the same action.

John Pule Research

Hi today I researched about the known niuean artist John Pule, he is a very known artist in new zealand and was born in niue. Below is my DLO about John Pule. If you would like to learn more about John Pule continue reading my work and leave any questions you may have below.