Thursday, 21 June 2018

"My First Exam Experience"

Hi today in Social Studies we did a reflection about exams this week and mine is below.
This week we had exams, the exams that we had were english, maths, social studies and science, I think for me the most difficult one was maths because I didn’t understand most of the questions. I felt really anxious and nervous because I didn’t want to just guess the answer and get all the questions wrong so I tried my best.
I didn’t find any of the subjects to easy and I didn’t find them excessively difficult.
In my next exam, I would study more to be prepared for exams.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Microscope - Science

Yesterday during our science lesson we put our selves into pairs and got given a microscope that we had to connect into the wall peiece. Our first step was to grab a slide which is a little rectangular shaped  glass that has a little dip in the middle of the centre. In the centre of the slide we use a pipette that is used to transform a source of liquid into the little dip that is found in the centre of a slide. We then place the slide onto the microscope machine that then can show us the little bacteria found in the liquid source. On the left side is a photograph that represents what we saw through the microscope.

On the right side there is another image of a weird shaped bacteria that we as pairs were trying to find in the liquid. We looked at it for a long time and changed the scope so that we could look at it from a different angle but we still didn't see anything move, it was a weird shape and there were very few dots and more like stick figure shapes shown.

Friday, 23 March 2018

WALT: An interesting and informative story about experiencing a fake Auckland eruption.

I was in my kitchen minding my own business when the ground suddenly shook and I was unsure of what to do. I go straight to my window to find the volcano on the other side of the island had exploded and everything was exploding from inside out. The crust of the island was cracking and water was over flowing on the roads, I suddenly felt fear taking over my body as I have another look outside I see that the volcano is having a vertical eruption which produced a huge amount of ash spreading through out the sky. Lava starts to pour down the volcanic disaster and water starts taking over the city one by one the town is flooded and people become stranded in the house with no where safe to escape. As the volcanic rocks start to form the mantle an magma build up more and more and start spitting out at the island, houses are being attacked, people are unaware of where to go and there is no way out. It begins to quieten down but several people are hurt, ash has covered the once beautiful and blue sky, steam builds up on windows, and it gets hard and harder to see. (NOT FINISHED)

Monday, 19 March 2018

Social Studies - Made in Taiwan

The main purpose of Nathan and Oscar’s trip was to find there true identities, search the pacific ocean, find similarities within the pacific ocean, search for answer/facts about ancestors or family history and find out who they are as a individual.

Some of the interesting discoveries that they came across on their journey were in Taiwan when they saw and heard what some of the traditional dances were similar to here in New Zealand.

Evidence that supports the theory that Polynesians originated from Asia.
Apparently years and years ago Polynesians originated from Taiwan but over the many years they began to move south and east. But now the Journal of Human genetics say that the Polynesians began to migrate many years earlier which means they weren't from Taiwan but from the mainland of southeast Asia.
From my point of view, I thought that it was a very educational and successful journey.It was filled with laughter, fun, facts and a lot of different experiences such as trying new foods, learning new dances and evening seeing bones from many years ago.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Maths Reflection

Recently we started doing Socrative in our maths and I actually enjoy it because everyone becomes competitive and tries there hardest to win and get all of the questions right at the same time.
Hopefully we get to carry on playing socrative during maths. because not only is it a fun way to learn its a good warm up before we start doing other maths activities.

Science Reflection

WALT; Describe the layers of the earth and how they were represented by a cake.

We can all look around and see the sky and the ocean, but do we know what is beneath our feet?
well if you didn't know there are four layers now starting from the closest to us is the crust that stops the hot mantle beneath it from burning the ground. Next layer which I just said is mantle and this layer is a hot liquid source. The next layer underneath the mantle is called the outer core which is composed of mostly iron and nickel. Last but not least the Inner core the earths innermost part. The Inner core is primarily a solid.
The colour and layers of the cake represents all of the layers of the earth and the colour of the cake layers were similar to the earths layers.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Maths reflection

Today in maths I finished all the tasks that I were given. The first task we were told to finish was task 20 and task 20 was a multiplication grid that we had to finish off, I finished it in English because I already finished that work and had spare time. The second task we had to do was our power and roots document. We had to play a few games related to power and roots and it had other questions in the games, such as addition, subtraction, division and times tables. The games help you practice your maths and help you get better so if you are not sure on ways to get better at maths try looking up maths games because not only are they fun to do they help you at the same time.